Friday, September 14, 2007

New York, New York - New York City business consultant and entrepreneur Byron W. Perry launches new CAMPUS C.E.O. Program

New York, New York - New York City business consultant and entrepreneur Byron W. Perry launches new CAMPUS C.E.O. Program. Byron W. Perry is a noted and respected New York City based business consultant and entrepreneur. He has been speaking and advising groups as well as individuals on entrepreneurship since 1989. Mr. Perry has spoke on college campuses (ex. Stoney Brook and York College), in community centers, churches, and libraries on the principles and practices of self-employment. He is a sought after professional public speaker on small business development.

Mr. Perry's new presentation; CAMPUS C.E.O. is a dynamic and motivational lecture on the ways-and-means'of the collegian entrepreneur.

About CAMPUS C.E.O. Lecture Series:

The CAMPUS C.E.O. programs deals with how collegiate students can learn to become entrepreneurs or for those already in business they can learn to improve their business. The lecture series teaches students the necessary steps needed to become successful business owners. The prgram gives the students the option to create money while they are college students, teach time management, and share with them the benefits of creating their own business and becoming a successful business owners while still a college student.

The Campus C.E.O. Lecture Series will ask students questions and engage them in business related topics. Topics such as: Marketing; Cash Flow; Getting employees; Finding Investors; Taking advantage of getting help from Professors; Hiring fellow students as employees or business partners; How to raise capital for your business, and; Exploring types of businesses you can run while a student.

The CAMPUS C.E.O. lecture series is geared toward the City University of New York (C.U.N.Y.), State University of New York (S.U.N.Y.), St. John's University, private Colleges and Universities in New York City, in all five boroughs, and Colleges and Universities in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Mr. Perry has been a guest on local radio stations (ex. WLIB-AM and WWRL-AM) and has been profiled in local community newspapers (ex. Queens Chronicle, Jamaica Times and PRESS of Southeast Queens). Student Organizations, Business Clubs, Alumni Association, and Business Departments of Colleges and Universities, etc.

Mr. Perry is available for print and broadcast interviews as well as professional speaking engagements. Organizations, Colleges, and Universities. You may contact Byron Perry regarding bringing the Campus C.E.O. Program g to your group or organization by calling Byron Perry at 718.558.0330 or via email. Please include telephone number, contact person name, and fax number.

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